There's no reason for a vote on a road

Posted: Wednesday, August 02, 2000

Advisory vote to decide what?:

The Juneau Assembly held a public hearing on the road to Skagway proposal. More than 90 percent of those testifying opposed the road on the basis of environmental, economic and social considerations.

The assembly ignored the public testimony and voted to support the road.

The folks in Skagway and Haines opposed the road.

All things considered, the governor supported fast ferries as the best and fastest solution to the Southeast transportation problems. The EIS was put on hold.

Some Juneau road diehards lobbied the state Legislature and sabotaged federal funding for fast ferries.

DOT announced plans to proceed with the previously-funded Sitka-Juneau fast ferry. The EIS was dropped.

Now, road proponents are agitating for a public vote on the issue. Why?

There is no action pending with the Juneau Assembly on this road issue.

A campaign on this issue will increase divisiveness in our community.

Large sums of money will be spent by road advocates to support their position. This will force fast ferry supporters to do the same. Or, since their resources are more limited, it will result in their expending an inordinate amount of time in opposition.

What's the point?

Dixie Hood


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