Learning the ways of the stage
Andria Budbill can't stop smiling. Literally.

New music crafted for CrossSound concert
Local flute and piccolo player Kathryn Kurtz greeted visiting Cleveland composer Paul Cox last week with immense gratitude.

Juneau author wins Native writing award
This year Freda Westman's sister, Angie, received an award-winning birthday gift.


Haines fair back for the 33rd year
Families taking in the Southeast Alaska State Fair in Haines this year will get some special attention.


Opportunistic exploitation
I was greatly saddened to hear recent news of LAB's accident. As a resident of the Lower 48, I thought the Internet would be a good way to get current information and looked up the Juneau paper's Web site. To my dismay, I found only a small bit of information along with a picture of the crash. To get the whole story, I would have to subscribe.

Carnival kids
Thank you to the clowns at the Moose carnival last weekend. If not for them the weekend would have been a total bust for my kids.

A memorable hiking experience
I have noticed several letters to the editor regarding hiking across Baranof Island from Sitka to Baranof Warm Springs. I would like to share my experience with those who may be considering the hike.

Young: Union support turns vote
WASHINGTON - A lobbying push from labor unions helped keep a plan to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in President Bush's energy bill Wednesday, members of Congress said.


Kootznoowoo Corp.'s new leader takes the reigns
A former Haida Corp. chief executive officer takes the helm of the Kootznoowoo Corp. today, ushering in what Angoon's village Native corporation hopes is an era of prosperity.

At the peak of summer - time for a party
Bobbing and weaving like tiny lanterns through the landscape, the ripening berries beckon all comers. Highbush cranberry is bursting forth into fulsome color and along the roadsides and over the meadows the colors of the wild world are sweeping all before them. They signal the peak of summer delights is about to begin; the fish are here; and it's time for summer garden parties.

The up side of rain: It's good for clothing sales
An unusually wet July meant increased sales of rain gear for Juneau merchants.

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Around Town

Airplane hit jutting rock
A chunk of rock jutting from Davidson Glacier may have made the difference between life and death for six people on a flightseeing tour Monday near Haines, a searcher said today.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported...

38 chosen to tackle subsistence
Gov. Tony Knowles today appointed a group of 38 Alaska leaders to make a recommendation on how to resolve the subsistence controversy.

Mending after a boat mishap
Richard Lyon, a carpenter with Local 2247, works on a damaged finger float on the south end of Aurora Harbor on Wednesday, as Gus Peterson, captain of the Chahunta, watches.


Weather steered 1 pilot home
The pilot of a trailing LAB Flying Service plane expressed concerns about the weather and altered his route during a flightseeing excursion on Monday, but the pilot of the lead plane "said he was going to proceed" minutes before crashing, a federal accident investigator said today.

Getting it together
Three Juneau volunteers work on a Habitat for Humanity 'First Ladies Build' project in this June photo. Left to right are Jennifer Boldt (in the pink hat), Marion Berry and Stacy Poulson.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported...

Juneau slips to third place for top incomes
Juneau residents made more money in 1999 than in 1998, but the capital city still slipped a notch on a federal list ranking areas in Alaska by highest average personal income.

Alaska has 2nd biggest state government
By one measurement, Alaska has the second largest state government in America.

Honoring the doers
Alaska's First Lady, Susan Knowles, presented the First Lady's Volunteer Awards on July 25 at the Juneau Senior Center. Shown left to right, bottom row, are Pat Denny, Mike Miller and Barbara Fallon. Top row, left to right, are Ellen Northrup, Knowles and Sen. Kim Elton.

Around Town

House: Yes to ANWR drilling
WASHINGTON - President Bush proclaimed victory today as he savored House passage of major parts of his energy development plan, including oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Thank you



Young credits unions for keeping drilling provisions in energy bill


Deficit: It rings a bell
This editorial appeared in today's Los Angeles Times: Remember deficit spending? The gigantic national debt? Well, like a dieter who has lost dozens of pounds only to reach for one little piece of chocolate cake, the U.S. government is backsliding on fiscal discipline. Unfortunately, it's no surprise.

Word of Mouth

Who should deliver the bad news?
We all saw Tuesday's headline about the plane crash south of Haines. Why do these accidents keep happening? These were tourists that came here to see some Alaskan scenery,

The bad, old United Nations reappears
This editorial appeared in today's Los Angeles Times: Karl Marx famously said that history repeats itself - first as tragedy, second as farce. The United Nations is dangerously toying with that notion.

Word of Mouth

Out and About

Volunteering for a rescue
When hikers get lost in the woods or stuck on a mountain near Juneau, phones ring and beepers beep, alerting volunteers all over town.

Skiers complete icefield crossing
A group of skiers traversing the Coastal Range icefields completed their 1,200-mile journey.

Fish Report

How to avoid getting lost in the wilderness
Most people who get lost around Juneau aren't far from home. They just did something stupid in our big backyard. "Primarily it's local people," said Bruce Bowler, head of Southeast Alaska Dogs for Organized Ground Search (SEADOGS). "The conventional wisdom says it's all those tourists going up there, but if you look at the statistics the greatest majority of search and rescues are locals who get complacent."

Even pros can use a guide
Tom barely had his fly tackle inside the front door when I called. "How was your trip to Montana? Tell me all about the fishing. Did you get into the rainbows and brown trout? Were they taking dry flies?" After several more rapid-fire inane questions I calmed down, sat back, and got ready to hear all the juicy stories.

Switzer Creek Loop Trail improved
Neighborhood pathways can be as important to community infrastructure as roads because they provide immediate escape into the natural world away from cars and highways.

Sports in Juneau

Sports in Juneau

Juneau Legion team finishes third
A battered and bruised Juneau American Legion Post 25 Midnight Suns baseball team put together a late rally, but fell to the Kenai Twin City Twins 7-5 Tuesday afternoon in the District 2 American Legion tournament at Wasilla's McManus Field.

Juneau Juniors take third in Pacific NW
Juneau's Gastineau Channel Little League Juniors All-Stars took third place in the Pacific Northwest Division Juniors (age 13-14) Little League Softball Tournament after dropping an 8-2 decision to Oregon on Tuesday in Mount Vernon, Wash.

Coyner wins third straight national title
Wes Coyner didn't start competing in duathlons until late in his life, but the 73-year-old Juneau resident has been making up for lost time.

Rivera finishes Ironman triathlon in Lake Placid
Tracy Rivera of Juneau finished in 208th place Sunday in the Ironman-Lake Placid triathlon in Lake Placid, N.Y.

Brown bear gives real-life demo of football move to school team
KENAI - Football players had just finished working on a drill called the "bear crawl" at Skyview High School in Soldotna when they got a glimpse of the real thing.



House takes on ANWR debate
WASHINGTON -- The House tackled a broad energy bill today that would open an Arctic wildlife refuge to oil drilling and provide tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks for energy industries.

Test shows teen driver in fatal car crash was drunk
ANCHORAGE - Toxicology results released by police Wednesday show the 19-year-old man who crashed head-on into an Anchorage police officer last month had a blood-alcohol content of 0.091.

Mapping plan includes Southeast kelp beds
FAIRBANKS - A satellite will focus on Southeast Alaska waters this year to assess three species of kelp to help develop a commercial harvest plan.

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