Opportunistic exploitation

Posted: Thursday, August 02, 2001

I was greatly saddened to hear recent news of LAB's accident. As a resident of the Lower 48, I thought the Internet would be a good way to get current information and looked up the Juneau paper's Web site. To my dismay, I found only a small bit of information along with a picture of the crash. To get the whole story, I would have to subscribe. As disgusted as I am with the picture of the crash, I'm equally disgusted with the opportunistic exploitation of the Internet as a means to block information from interested parties for a commercial realization. The quote from the searcher, "A chunk of rock jutting from Davidson Glacier may have made the difference between life and death for six people," while not only unsubstantiated is extremely distasteful and sensationalized.

As a former LAB pilot, I remember too well how excruciatingly painful and traumatic an accident of this nature is, both for those closely involved and those observing from a distance. In the aftermath of such a tragedy, newspapering of this sort only serves to inflame and exacerbate the recovery process of those involved and impedes the investigation process of the impartial parties sent to discover the facts. Shame on you for blatantly adding to the pile of negativity already surrounding such a tragic event.

Jennifer Muellner

Annapolis, Md.

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