Library's graphic novels have a lot to offer readers of all levels
With many thanks to the Friends of the Library, all three branches of the Juneau Public Library have added graphic novel collections.

Business reactions to ballot vary
If the city's temporary 1 percent sales tax fails to pass in October 2005, the community would be hard-pressed to bring it back, some Juneau business people said Friday.

Letter not intended to reduce morale
In response to the letter by David Duncan, spc, of Kodiak, it is clear he missed some subtle points of my My Turn of July 26.

Vote 'no' on the state employee contract
My job is intellectually demanding and enjoyable, but each year it gets a little harder to explain to my family why I keep doing it.

Environmentalists don't oppose mine
Most speakers at Monday night's Kensington Mine public hearing fell into two clear groups, each of which presented its own clear perspective on proposed mine operations near Lions Head Mountain.

Do I hear double speak?
In response to David Duncan's letter, titled "Don't hurt morale."

Praises Mr. Duncan; appreciates service
Bravo to Mr. Duncan.

Take Moore with a grain of salt
As much as I agree with Mr. Wild about how Michael Moore's new movie is just propaganda, I have to disagree that it's not going to affect anything.

Supports growth, jobs and equitable taxation
I'm writing in response to Mr. Dave Flemming letter regarding the environmentalists and how they stop development.

Republican beer goggles
OK, Ms. Hoffman, let me help you remove your "Republican beer goggles" for a minute, because House Bill 414 (regardless of how it seems) is really not good for either party. Giving the governor the right to appoint a "temporary senator" until an election is possible is a loophole that should be removed.

School Board decision on busing is unsafe
I am a very concerned parent of a second grade student at Mendenhall River Community School.

Media misses mark
Bravo, Lew, you hit one out of the park. While newspapers such as yours and the Juneau Empire are useful in reporting local and regional stories, they do not have the capacity to tell you what is really going on in the world.

Get involved
Would it shock you to know that the United States spends more on its military expenditures than all other countries of the world combined? This was a fact even before Sept. 11. Additionally, very few Americans are speaking of nuclear disarmament of America's weapons of mass destruction anymore. In the 1960s, many citizens, especially college students, actively and vociferously opposed the Vietnam war and our stocks of nuclear weapons.

Diminishing returns of development
Juneau is a unique island in a sea of wilderness. That wilderness is the reason I moved here 42 years ago.

Photo: Family kayak time
Tim and Angie Kramer, along with their son, Lucas, 4, explore Juneau's harbor by kayak on Sunday. They are visiting from Minneapolis.

Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Sealaska looks to HS curriculum
Sealaska Heritage Institute has received an $850,000 federal grant to develop a Native-oriented high school curriculum in math, science and history.

Around Town

Juneau scientists probing fisheries, marine ecosystem
At least nine Juneau scientists received a boost this year to study Alaska's lesser-known aquatic resources from the state's fledgling North Pacific Research Board.

Photo: Save the chickens
DeHart's employees Misty Green and "Mr Chicken" dance in front of the Auke Bay store Friday to draw attention to their crab wares.

Photo: Memorial for a matriarch
Phyllis Kunz is embraced by Sharon Lee, facing camera, before the start of a memorial service for Phyllis' mother, Cecelia Kunz, on Sunday at ANB Hall. Kunz, considered by many to have been the matriarch of the Juneau Native community, died last Wednesday. A funeral service will be held at 2 p.m. today at Evergreen Cemetery.

Corrections of previous reporting errors

Alaska Digest
Staff and Wire reports from around the state

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers

Police & Fire
Reports by Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

Toe Toon
Comic by local artist Toe.

Safeguards at Kensington mine outweigh risks
For those of you who are utterly aghast at our editorial endorsement of Coeur Alaska's proposed Kensington mine north of Juneau, rest assured it's not the end of the world as you know it.

Here are the seven keys to happiness in the rain forest
It used to be that education was the key to personal fulfillment, the good life, and success.

My Turn: Lack of sleep may explain some marine mishaps
I 'd like to invite a rethinking of the grounding of the state ferry LeConte. This May, I noted with interest U.S. Coast Guard Lt. J.G. Buchsbaum's reported statement (May 9) that investigators had examined the work schedules of the ferry's captain and chief mate (who was steering), and had ruled out overwork as a cause. In response to this, ADOT spokeswoman Nona Wilson quipped that "it angers (me) that carelessness could be to blame for grounding a $35 million ship." At the time, public outrage seemed appropriate. Now, months later, you may be thinking, "That's old news, both of those guys got fired; end of story."

Empire editorial: It's time to build the Kensington mine
Sixteen years after initiating the first environmental impact statement (EIS) for its proposed Kensington gold mine, Coeur Alaska is now but weeks from learning the fate of the project

On the hook
The Juneau Empire's Outdoors page is looking for photographs of big salmon, halibut and other fish you've caught this year in the waters of the northern Panhandle.

Flying squirrels
With kitten-soft fur, a taste for fungus and a remarkable built-in paraglider, flying squirrels - the nocturnal cousins of the familiar red squirrel - are gliding through Alaska forests from Ketchikan to Fairbanks in greater numbers than previously suspected.

Flying squirrels favor truffles, lichens
Lichens and fungi are the main components of the flying squirrel's diet.

Fish report
Coho catch rates in the Juneau area are about average for this time of the year.

It pays to be bear aware while hunting
As eager hunters hike up to the alpine early in the season searching for deer, they must first make their way through thick brush or over heavily trafficked game trails, always being aware of their surroundings.

Out & About
A listing of upcoming outdoor events.

Deer season opens
For some, August isn't just the beginning of the end of summer, it's the beginning of deer season.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Juneau Seniors are 1-0, Juniors 2-1 at divisionals
Andrea Doerflinger pitched four innings of one-hit ball and cracked a three-run homer as Juneau's Gastineau Channel Little League Senior Division (age 15-16) All-Stars shut out Oregon 12-0

Jack and Jill Relay Time Trial
Results of the Juneau Freewheelers' Jack and Jill Relay Time Trial bicycle race

U.S. men win big after a rough start
The NBA and USA Olympic basketball committee got off to a contentious start Saturday, and the rocket's red glare was coming from coach Larry Brown's brow.

Juneau Seniors win twice to stay unbeaten
Juneau's Gastineau Channel Little League Senior All-Stars took until the fourth inning to get their offense going twice on Sunday, but it was enough to pick up a pair of victories in the Division 1 Senior Softball Tournament in Portland, Ore.

Eaglecrest Road Races
Results of Saturday's Eaglecrest Road Races, held along Fish Creek Road.

A surprise from Alaska
Wrestler Tela O'Donnell lives in a dorm room at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, a long way from home.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Virus hunter played key role in halting rabies
When Don Ritter started tracking viruses in Alaska more than three decades ago, rabies was ravaging rural parts of the state.

Native groups criticize changes in public safety officer program
Several Native organizations are criticizing the state for how it is going about making changes in the village public safety officer program.

Remote Alaska island is home to petrified forest
If you want to stroll through the only forest in the Shumagin Islands, you have to wear rubber boots and wait until the tide goes out.

This Day in History
In Alaska; In the nation; In the world.

Cruise vessel runs aground; eco-tourists abandon ship
A small cruise ship catering to eco-tourists was seriously damaged after going hard aground at Akutan Pass in the Aleutian Islands.

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