Take Moore with a grain of salt

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, August 02, 2004

As much as I agree with Mr. Wild about how Michael Moore's new movie is just propaganda, I have to disagree that it's not going to affect anything.

Why did Moore make such a big deal about Disney turning him down to put out his movie? They never said they would; he went to a few companies to put it out and they all said no. Only when a big company turned him down did Moore start complaining and making it such a big deal that it would get people's attention.

And why did he push to get the movie into theaters so quick? So it would make it to DVD in time for the election. This is where I have a problem; Moore said it's not a documentary, its entertainment, like that excuses the lies it tells and the incorrect points.

I'm tired of hearing famous people stating their political opinions. It is America and they can do that if they wish, but when it might affect the outcome of an election, that is wrong. Yes, the liberals are already voting against Bush and the conservatives are voting for Bush, but what about the thousands that don't know? They might watch the movie and come out thinking "I'm voting for Kerry because Bush said this or did this."

Go pick up the Time magazine that addressed the movie; it lists a few things that were found to be false in the movie. Now if they make that decision to vote one way because of facts, great for them. But when the decision is based on lies, that is a problem. Now, I'm not saying this movie should have been made or anything; I'm just reminding you to take it with a grain of salt.

Stuart Ashton


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