Planned Parenthood may become neighbor

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Planned Parenthood targets teenagers and it has condemned abstinence-only sex ed programs as unacceptable.

Katherine Davey, director of education and training for Planned Parenthood of Alaska, "plans to visit middle school and high school classes in Juneau to present age-appropriate and medically accurate information on sexual development, healthy relationships, methods of birth control, sexually transmitted infections and teaching strategies for sexual health curricula."

In 2002, there were 1.29 million abortions performed, 245,100 (19 percent) were performed on teenagers.

The embryonic period ends in the eighth week of the pregnancy. There are 32 babies killed every hour, 365 days a year, that are 11 or more weeks old and that have a heartbeat.

Let's put the Planned Parenthood card in Juneau into play. When you arrive at work and go to lunch, another 129 babies lives have been torn apart and discarded in the trash.

Now let's imagine that you've just found out that the abortions are occurring across the street from your work or your favorite restaurant. What will you think the next time you drive to work or to dinner? Work you don't have much choice, but you do when it comes to eating out, I'll bet you look for another restaurant to eat at. Businesses beware, Planned Parenthood could be your new next-door neighbor, do you think they care about what happens to your business if they move in next to yours?

People like myself want life, and the abortionists want to take it away. I will reiterate my previous offer, "We will adopt every unwanted baby in Juneau instead of having it aborted." The facts remain. I want to help pregnant mothers and the abortionists want to profit from them. People like myself use our own money to fight the battle and the abortionist use $2,709,300,000 of taxpayers' dollars annually to fund their clinics and agenda.

I am here to promote life, it always beats the alternative, when given a chance.

Education is the answer on abortion. There are always choices and resources to choose from.

Sam Guthrie


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