Clean Elections Act is critical for saving our democracy

Posted: Thursday, August 02, 2007

The "Clean Elections Act" is the movement - the only movement - that may save our faltering democracy from dissolution. All the political haggling that went into recent ethics reform amounts to nothing but a Band-Aid on our splintering body politic. The core question, which inherently focuses on issues of honesty amid favors and nonexistent paper trails, is whether money should have an electoral voice.

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As much as George W. Bush and his far-right cronies would like to have their money institutionalized, this is not an oligarchy, nor is it a monarchy. Our forefathers created a constitution with express intent to defer the monarchical rule which they saw as nothing more than an amoral social game. The "game" of owing covert favors to other personalities with resource and monetary control when assuming political office, tacitly creates such a repugnant reality.

What our democracy needs is an unbiased, conscientious electorate that only a truly liberal education will precipitate. It's this formula that creates the mercantile spirit that our America thrives on. It's only after success that the liberated mind tends to freeze in conservative thought. Our government's job is to negotiate the proper trade-off that facilitates the entrepreneurial spirit yet thaws the minds that have become frozen.

John S. Sonin


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