In support of wild Alaska salmon

Posted: Friday, August 03, 2001

This summer I sent letters to all the newspapers in Alaska to notify citizens that Costco of Anchorage did not have fresh Alaskan salmon on its shelves. Instead, it was carrying Atlantic farmed salmon. After many e-mail letters from various people and organizations such as the United Fishermen of Alaska, fresh Alaska salmon is now being sold at all three of the Alaska Costcos.

The foreign-farmed salmon kills our market. I feel that we need to make sure that Costco and all Alaska stores have fresh Alaska wild salmon on their shelves from May through October. Even better, also have frozen salmon because you obtain better quality.

We need to stand together as an industry and creatively educate the Lower 48 (our domestic market) that Alaska wild salmon is much firmer in texture, redder in color and richer in flavor. It's like comparing hamburger to a rib eye steak. Foreign-farmed salmon doesn't compare. For people in the Lower 48 you need to demand from your supermarkets, Alaska wild salmon, the more the stores hear from you the more they will begin supplying it to you. Instead of offering you foreign-farmed salmon. If it says Canadian or Atlantic salmon, it is "foreign-farmed."

There are enough educated and intelligent people in this industry to make a change to deliver a quality product.

I don't know what our future holds, but if we lose, at least I want to go out with a fight. Do what you can, write your legislator, governor, congressman and senator to support Alaska's commercial salmon industry. Prayer won't hurt either. If we die out, it is going to hurt the state of Alaska and many other businesses in the Lower 48. This is a God-given product, raised in its natural environment. It can't get any better than that.

Mary Edminster


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