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Posted: Friday, August 03, 2001

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Congratulations to Juneau Hospice on being nationally recognized for the work in the community. I am a volunteer for Juneau Hospice and proud to be a part of their organization and urge other members of the community to volunteer and become involved in such a great asset to our community.

Claire Richardson

Well Thursday night, myself and the rest of the Juneau Urban Bear patrol were out on South Franklin. Just like clockwork, the bears come down out of the alleyways off Gastineau and they are hitting all of the city garbage cans that are unsecured and full of tourist garbage and fast food. These cans, which are the city's, should be bear-proof containers. Something needs to get done. Bear-proof containers need to get down there in South Franklin. People need to address this issue down at City Hall immediately.

Mark Farmer

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