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Posted: Sunday, August 03, 2003

This week. the Juneau Public Library offers a batch of mid-summer non-fiction for fact aficionados.

"Business: The Ultimate Resource" This business bible offers philosophies and advice concerning every possible aspect of business. Whether you are approaching the area of business as an employee, owner or manager, take a look at this tome to learn how to start an online business, approach panel interviews, find out who the bigwigs are, what to be reading to expand your horizons and how to handle economic ups and downs. There are more than 2,000 pages of business expertise distilled into one immense book.

"Hands-on Senior Horse Care," by Karen E.N. Hayes Have you got a horse who's 15 or older? If so, you may want to look this book over. Written by a veterinarian specializing in horses, this book has chapters on maintaining your older horse's health as well as tips on identifying problems peculiar to senior horses. Some of the most useful features are the flow charts that help you decide whether the changes you notice in your senior horse are emergencies worthy of a vet or normal signs of aging.

"Slumber Parties," by Wilhelminia Ripple So you don't have horses - how about kids old enough for slumber parties? This book has ideas for themed parties complete with invitations, games to play, video recommendations and food to eat. In addition, there is information for parents on planning parties, making sure your child is ready and keeping everyone safe. Anyone for a round of Guess the Candy Bar?

"Alaska Native Ways: What the Elders Have Taught Us," photography by Roy Corral Beautiful photographs illustrate the words of native Alaskans from around the state. Each chapter focuses on a saying, for instance, "Accept what life brings - you cannot control many things," and the subsequent essays (each by a different author) demonstrate the relevance of the saying in native life.

"Space," by Andrew Chaikin Gorgeous photographs from multinational archives accompany a brief history of humans in space. From Soviet cosmonauts to American astronauts, from space walks to lunar landings, this book documents it all. Some of the photos are quite rare; others you'll recognize immediately. It's a beautiful book and a fascinating story.

"Mad Archives" Classic Mad fans - this is for you. Issues 1-6 (that's October 1952 through September 1953) have been collected into a single volume of happiness. Need I say more?

"Shamanism in North America," by Norman Bancroft Hunt An anthropological exploration of Native American shamanism from the Aleut in the north to the Calusa in the south. This book is engagingly written and illustrated with many photos and drawings. Accounts of shamanistic practices range from healings and invulnerability during war to foretelling and influencing weather.

"Faster than the Speed of Light," by Joao Magueijo Einstein postulated that light travels faster than anything else. A corollary to that is that light speed is a universal constant - that it has always been the same and will always be the same. But what if that idea is wrong? Magueijo, a theoretical physicist, speculates that in the very early days of the universe, light traveled faster than it does today. It's a theory that would go a long way toward explaining various paradoxes in the physical universe and even provide a means to uncovering the grand unified theory. Ultimately, however, this is a book about coming up with ideas and fighting to have them heard.

If you'd like to place a hold on any of these titles, call the Juneau Public Library at 586-5249. If you have internet access, your library card and a PIN, you may place your own holds by going to our Web site ( and looking at our catalogue. Placing holds on items featured in In the Stacks is now even easier! The new columns are hyperlinked to the catalogue: Simply look up the column, click on the title you want and you will be ready to place a hold.

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