An added hardship

Posted: Sunday, August 03, 2003

The schools are placing an ad on the local educational channel stating this year all kindergartners will be bused to school, but after-school transportation no longer will be provided and will be the responsibility of the parent.

How many employers in town are going to schedule lunch hours around this so the parents of these children can be picked up and either returned home or to a day care?

How long will an employer keep a person because they have to run off at lunch hour each day to provide what our city taxes us for?

During the wintertime when our weather is bad how many of these children required by law to be in school are simply not going to make it?

How is this law going to apply to the parent that can't pick their child up and therefore doesn't send them during that time because picking them up would be impossible or because there is no one else to do so?

How many parents lack any mode of transportation at all?

How many employers are going to look at a potential employee and see the burden placed on them and not hire them because of it?

How many children that are not in the category of having legally to be in school are just not going to enter this year?

Does this go against the "no child left behind" law??

If you're going to cut busing children, I think doing it to an age group that is so young is irresponsible. The children at that age depend on the adults in their lives to keep them safe and out of harm's way. Seems to me if you're going to cut bus runs you should do so with the high school students, who can make some responsible decisions on there own being that of car pooling or city buses and not children who depend on adults to make those decisions for them (even though most teens depend on us anyway). Yet the child of 5 or 6 cannot even fathom what to do in case no one shows up or can't.

Somehow I think who ever dreamed this one up sure didn't think it through very well. Seems when a city, state or country needs to make its ends meet, the young and old are the first to suffer under so-called responsible budget cuts.

Yet these same big thinkers never stop to think how this will affect those that are working for a living. Or how it's going to affect the children who are apparently going to be left out of the loop or left behind one year because they cant count their pennies.

Crissy Smith


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