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Posted: Sunday, August 03, 2003


t good will a freeway do us? We're talking more pollution, road rage and more traffic to get home or to the store. I agree that new traffic lights should be built at every intersection. That problem was solved years ago and recently. I'm glad they put new traffic lights up near the hospital and other places. The only problem in this city is the way road rage hits when you're on the highway going home or to work. It's much worse when going to work because some people change their mind on going into the left lane to make a turn then pull out of it. That's an accident waiting to happen. My road driving experience in Juneau is one of the worst. I've seen people run through red lights or beat the red lights. This is why every intersection in town is a death trap for pedestrians and tourists. They should have surveillance cameras at every intersection to see who was speeding, ran the red light, illegal U-turns, etc. This would solve the highway problem and we wouldn't need a freeway. If any drivers are making left turns in the turn lane then pull out, you ought to be reported, cited and jailed.

Reggie Cruz


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