The road out

Posted: Sunday, August 03, 2003

It seems the Department of Transportation is conducting research to find out if the citizens of Juneau prefer a west road, an east road, or increased ferry service. ("Increased" ferry service means we get more, at the expense of places like Ketchikan. Sounds like a good formula for annoying your neighbors.)

This issue just keeps coming back, like plantar's warts or the capital move. Do you want a road? No? How about now? No? How about now?

I thought I had solved this once before, but perhaps the message didn't sink in. Listen closely, the solution is simple: Build a road, but with only one lane - outbound.

Not only will this cut construction time and cost by a third, it will also provide a much-needed outlet for those hot for the highway.

Oh, and don't let the tollbooth hit you on the bumper on the way out.

Michael Christenson


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