My Turn: Discrimination hurts gay families

Posted: Sunday, August 03, 2003

Horace Greeley once said a man with too many axes to grind will always have a dull blade. I am going to try and keep his wise words in mind as I write this. The continuing movement to deny homosexuals the basic right to marry is no doubt based on religious doctrine, as marriage is a religious institution. The state and federal government should not even be involved.

As far as the church goes, I quite clearly remember sitting in church as a youngster during the '60s and listening to a white preacher give weekly sermons, the gist of which was black men were not morally fit to preach to white congregations. The preacher was always able to point to a passage in the Bible as proof of this platform. Well, we all know how that long struggle ended up, Amen. Feeding Jews to the lions was also a fun Christian event, albeit no longer politically correct, but it did happen. The pope came out today in strong opposition to gay marriage, but any thinking person knows one must get his own house in order before he meddles in others. It's a credibility thing, you know.

I am not a Christian, but that does not mean I have not studied the Christian writings, that is the ones that were not edited out of publication. There were some very brave monks who risked execution to save God's words from extinction at the whim of the religious leaders of the time. One must do some research to discover these writings. To deny the historical fact that the Christian Bible was edited is ignorant. My grandmother used to tell me, "If ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise." Only in the last few years did I clue in on exactly what she was saying.

I want those of you Christians who flap your arms and sputter that marriage is for a man and a woman only, to know exactly how you have hurt my family, my children. Economically you hurt them because I must claim single, no dependents, even though for many years I was a non-biological parent and the sole wage earner.

I was a foreman at my job, and all the married male and female stepparents were able to insure their step children through the company policy. My family struggled to provide adequate health care for our children out of pocket.

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard a Christian wail "homosexuals hurt my children," I could probably fund a legal battle to wage war on God's soldiers.

The truth is you hurt my family, I never hurt your family. I challenge you to tell me, exactly, how is it that secure, loving, two-parent households are a threat to you and your family?

I've read your Christian Bible. Do you know what your Jesus had to say about homosexuality? Nothing, not one word. What your Jesus did say was to love everyone. Why is it that you don't listen to your Lord?

Linda Orr lives in Douglas, has lived in Alaska for 24 years and is a carpenter.

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