Democrats are loyal

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The letter "Democrats Unmasked" by John Bishop in the July 23 edition of the Juneau Empire might be dismissed as the product of a very natural sensitivity by the writer to the military service record of his party's leader. His response is to threaten childish retaliation.

What is not tolerable is his final sentence which suggests that Democratic voters are disloyal. That is the kind of demagoguery that the veterans of all our wars, representing both parties, have fought to defend us against.

Democrats will take second place to no one in their loyalty to their country or the sacrifices they have made to defend our liberties, including that of a free press. Mr. Bishop has abused that privilege, but Democrats will continue to defend his freedom to do so. That's what we Democrats believe is worth fighting for.

Andrea Doll

Chair, Juneau Democratic Caucus

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