Preserve the Taku

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, August 03, 2004

It is encouraging to see the diversity of people coming forward to support the Taku and its rich salmon runs as the Canadians ignore our interests and try to open up a mine nearly right on some of the best salmon habitat in the whole Taku drainage.

Republican Bruce Weyhrauch, Democrats Kim Elton and Beth Kerttula, Mayor Bruce Botelho, commercial fishermen and fishing businesses, Native tribes in both Alaska and Canada, property owners and conservation groups are among them. It is a rare issue that can unite all of these folks.

It's too bad that the Murkowski administration's zealous pro-mining ideology is keeping it from taking a good hard look at this mine.

Juneau won't see any jobs from the mine. Juneau citizens and businesses are being shut out of the decision process by the Canadian feds.

There is a long history of this mine polluting the Taku and of Canada doing nothing to stop it.

Juneau has a lot to lose and nothing to gain from this mine. Juneau leaders, businesses and residents are coming forward to ensure the Taku remains an economic and recreational resource for us. Tony Knowles aggressively defended Juneau's interests in the Taku when he was governor. Frank Murkowski clearly doesn't care. Now would be an excellent time for Lisa Murkowski to stand up and show that she cares about the Taku and Alaska's fishermen.

Jai Crapella


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