Oil profits are high

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, August 03, 2004

In the July 28 Anchorage Daily News, BP saw a 35 percent rise in quarterly profits. For three months ending June 30, its profit was $3.43 billion. This was largely on the back of higher oil and gas prices.

Why does the government raise the price of gas for poor people so BP can make more billions of dollars of profits? Who gets all that $3.43 billion profit for three months? Does it all go to the queen of England after the chief execs take their unfair share?

On the same page, I see chief execs are making more and more money and another brief states that execs are charged with fraud.

How much money has been wasted on the war that I've heard is being fought because of oil?

How much money are our troops being paid and are they well taken care of when they return home?

Isn't there one person out there who could be president and lead this country in a good way? Like caring for the Earth and all her inhabitants?

Or will we allow the exploiters to destroy everything?

Patricia Wade


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