Juneau residents have a right to be 'paranoid' about Palin

Posted: Friday, August 03, 2007

Changing venues for the Alaska Legislature? Does this sound anything like Gov. Sarah Palin's campaign promises being debunked? Does this sound familiar to other Alaskans?

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We Alaskans have had a sour taste in our mouths since Frank Murkowski's inauguration as governor, along with all of his bogus campaign promises. Both of these governors came into office with totally different agendas from their campaign promises.

In the Empire ("Legislators fight session move plans," July 24) Palin stated that Juneau residents are "kind of paranoid" with regards to hints of the capital moving. That's putting it lightly.

With "special sessions" being held and considered outside Juneau, why wouldn't we be paranoid? We can't remain comfortable with these recent events. There would be quite an impact on Juneau and the community should the rug be pulled out from under us.

Palin might want to rethink this one. Be on the up and up. Palin should state what her intentions are. We Alaskans would appreciate her being upfront with us, much more than making new rules along the way, as the previous governor did.

There are also many legislators commenting on the cons of why this plan will not work. Does Palin hear any of them or care? Today, special sessions are planned outside of the capital. What's next, having the capital move? Jobs, family, income, population, schools and economy, etc., all will be impacted.

Does she have plans in the making to move our capital? Why? How cost-effective would that be? Just a couple of upfront questions needing to be answered.

Darlene McKinley


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