Survey was not meant to attack anti-fluoride voters

Posted: Friday, August 03, 2007

I would like to respond to David Ottoson's letter of July 29 ("Fluoride campaign should stick to facts instead of razing Kane").

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The survey conducted by an Anchorage firm over the last two weeks was done on behalf of Citizens Promoting Dental Health, a local group of parents, doctors, dentists and concerned citizens, all of whom are volunteers concerned about Juneau's dental health.

The question in the survey was: "I'm now going to read you the names of some organizations and public figures. Please tell me whether your feelings toward them are very positive, somewhat positive, somewhat negative or very negative, or if you have never heard of them: Beth Kerttula, Kim Elton, Juneau dentists, Bruce Botelho, American Dental Association, Andrea Doll, Juneau Smiles, Emily Kane, Bob Doll and the Juneau Assembly."

There was no "razing" as Ottoson claims.

I urge Juneau voters to talk to their trusted dental or medical professional about community water fluoridation. One needs to know the facts before forming an opinion or passing on misinformation.

Karen Lawfer

Member, Citizens Promoting Dental Health


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