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Posted: Friday, August 03, 2007

Thanks for supporting our 'Salmon-chanted Evening'

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On behalf of the Board of Directors of Perseverance Theatre, I want to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped make our end-of-the-year fundraiser, "Salmon-chanted Evening," another success - raising more than $3,500 to support the theater and our many programs and productions.

First and foremost, we want to say "thank you" to George Jefferson and his entire crew at the Thane Ore House. Were it not for George's generosity and support, our evening would not have been as successful as it was. We also want to thank Alaskan Brewing, Nick (our bartender), and all the board members who brought side dishes to make sure that in addition to the endless supplies of salmon, halibut, ribs, baked beans, salad and cornbread provided by George, there was plenty of food to eat throughout the evening.

Our dessert auction raised more than $1,000, thanks to the cadre of talented bakers our board chair, Terry Cramer (along with help from board members Katharine Heumann, Sue Koester and Sara Raster) assembled: Micaela Fowler Croteau, Carola Thompson, Martha Hopson, Nancy DeCherney, Kathryn Kurtz, Elizabeth Schelle, Nina Chordas, Cindy Boesser, Dan Johnson, the Amazing Zemp Sisters - Christina and Anneliese, Lucy Merrell, Debra Dustin and Jenny Lagundino.

Our red-ticket "auction" raised quite a few dollars as well, thanks to these dining establishments: Heritage Coffee and Wild Spice; Cisco's Douglas Café; The Island Pub; the Hot Bite; Southeast Waffle Co.; the Baranof Hotel; The Silverbow Inn & Bakery; and Poseidon (regional distributors of Red Bull).

And, while the donations for the evening's success are truly appreciated, we couldn't have done it had the word not gotten out. For this, we are most grateful to KINY/KSUP (and especially Tim Armstrong, Jim Morgan, Kelly Peres and Pete Carran); KTOO, KRNN and KXLL (and especially Madeleine LeFebvre, Jeff Brown, Andy Kline and Nancy DeCherney), and, of course, the Juneau Empire - not only Korry Keeker and Hooligan, but for the generous support of Bob Hale and Lee Leschper as well.

Special thanks to Perseverance Theatre - not only for contributing set pieces from "Tommy" and the amazing horse heads from "Equus" to be auctioned off (kudos to the artists, too), but also for providing us with Jenny Lagundino, the theater's development director. Although "Salmon-chanted Evening" is a "board project," we truly couldn't have made it happen without Jenny's dedication, commitment and support.

Finally, thanks to all who once again bit the bullet and braved the sunlight to come out to celebrate our theater and to support the second annual "Salmon-chanted Evening" - with an extra special thank you to those of you who bought red tickets throughout the evening and bid on desserts and live auction items. We've already begun work on next year's event and look forward to seeing many more people there - as well as throughout the year at Perseverance Theatre.

Sharon Gaiptman


Thank you from the Volunteer Marching Band

The Juneau Volunteer Marching Band is pleased to have been part of the festivities for this year's Fourth of July. The band continues in a strong musical tradition that started in the 1970s, when band members Bill Ruddy and Larry Stevens (and former band member and director Charlie Northrip) saw a need and created the marching band.

This is truly a community effort and would not be possible without the help of many in the community including: the great folks at Wings of Alaska, who held a plane for 45 minutes during our performance so we wouldn't be drowned out by the sound of their turbines; Joyce Kitka at Community Schools, for assisting us in finding a place to rehearse; Bill Paulick, for supplying folders; the Juneau Symphony, for the loan of percussion equipment; Alexa Sorensen, for providing music (if you enjoyed "Pirates of the Caribbean," be sure to thank her!); the 9th Army Band from Fort Wainwright (we've been looking for an arrangement of the Alaska's Flag Song for years); and our many loyal supporters, who attended our concerts.

Thanks to all of you. Most especially, thank you to each and every musician in the band who gave up evenings in June to attend rehearsals, learn the music and practice marching in the rain. Your dedication and talents are appreciated, one and all.

Peter Anderegg


Thanks, grocery stores, for reducing plastic bags

The Juneau Watershed Partnership would like to acknowledge the work of our local grocery stores in their efforts to reduce the local consumption of plastic shopping bags: Super Bear Supermarket, Carrs/Safeway, Alaskan and Proud market, Fred Meyer and Rainbow Foods all offer a cash discount when you bring in your own cloth shopping bag for your groceries.

These cash discounts range from $0.03 to $0.05 per cloth bag used. Rainbow Foods has stopped using plastic shopping bags altogether as of July 4. We heartily applaud and thank these businesses for being proactive about the health and well being of our community.

Although the good folks at Capital Disposal recycle plastic bags for Juneau, plastic bags are still a pretty nasty human invention. They get into our streams and oceans and kill marine life and fish. They can get caught in trees and end up in bird nests. They release toxic fumes when they are burned and they eventually break down into little toxic bits that get into our waterways and soil.

The people at say that a billion plastic bags are given out each day worldwide. It is very commendable that our local grocery stores are taking a stand on this important community and global issue. Most of these stores sell reusable cloth shopping bags as well, with costs ranging from $0.99 to $7.99. We hope that more people in Juneau consider switching to these cloth bags instead of using plastic bags when they shop.

Beverly Anderson

Juneau Watershed Partnership


Thanks for contributing to 'Only Fools Run'

Southeast Alaska Independent Living held our annual Only Fools Run at Midnight fundraiser on June 30 at Centennial Hall. It was a huge success, and we raised over $23,000, which will stay right here in Juneau to help individuals with disabilities live independently.

SAIL would like to thank our main sponsor, Holland America Lines, and our other sponsors, Wells Fargo, Alaska Pacific Bank, Juneau Sports Medicine, Printing Trade Co., the Juneau Empire, KTOO, Alaska Graphix, Polar Graphics, The Juneau Racquet Club, Breeze In, Super Bear, Alaska Fudge Co., The Alaskan Hotel and Bar, the Island Pub, Wings Airway, Allen Marine, Gastineau Guiding, Glacier Bay Sea Kayaks, Mount Roberts Tramway, Northern Sales and TEMSCO Helicopters.

We had over 40 volunteers, and we greatly appreciate them taking time out of their busy lives to come and spend a very late evening with us. Among the volunteers were Juneau celebrity judges Sen. Kim Elton, Rep. Beth Kerttula, Rep. Andrea Doll, paralympian Joe Tompkins and our master of ceremonies Andy Kline.

Of course who could forget the participants? Without you our race would not be possible. You have earned a big thank you for coming out to run or walk at midnight instead of being snuggled asleep in your beds. SAIL also appreciated all those on the course who cheered on the runners and walkers.

We would also like to thank the Southeast Road Runners,, who donated bibs and many other race essentials. And we are very appreciative of Tristan Knutson-Lombardo, who organized the race as a volunteer. He did an amazing job. He saw that details big and small were taken care of and on race night he remained calm and saw that things ran smoothly.

Thank you.

Lindsey Kerr and the Southeast Alaska Independent Living staff


Thanks for supporting me as district director

I just wanted to thank everyone who supported me as the Southeast district director of the American Red Cross of Alaska. I especially would like to express my gratitude to those who have given me their appreciation for the things I have done during my time here in Juneau.

I will miss the friends that I made, the glacier in my backyard, the beautiful hikes, the possible bear encounters, the eagles overhead and the waffle place. I am looking forward to another adventure and to learning new things, and I hope that I get to make it back here one day - possibly sooner than we anticipate.

I know that Southeast will continue to pull together and support all of the good things that the Red Cross does. We have a few volunteers who make our office strong, and we have an innovative health and safety manager who is expanding our programs throughout Southeast.

The Southeast District of the American Red Cross of Alaska will continue to provide relief to those affected by disasters and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. We can only accomplish that goal with your support. Thank you. Our community is truly unique; I am glad to have been a part of it.

Shad Engkilterra


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