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Posted: Friday, August 04, 2000

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I've been a Juneau resident for 39 years and I want to say thank you to Mr. Wilson for writing the thoughtful My Turn in yesterday's paper.

I liked yesterday's My Turn, but its premise is naive in the face of industrial flightseeing. Of the 240 helicopters and float planes that pass my Douglas home on a five-cruise ship day only a small percentage, if any, can be possibly involved with maintenance or construction projects.

What's up with the guy in the mauve color jacket who hitchhikes into town from the McNugget intersection? Sometimes he's there for up to six hours.

I have lived in downtown in Juneau since 1963 and have yet to be woke up by a tour ship. Maybe the valley could use some downtown light sleepers as new residents.

I hope that the cruise ships keep blowing their horns so they won't hit anything in the fog.

I had a good laugh today. As helicopters flew overhead, I received an e-mail from a friend telling me how lucky I am to live in a place that is quiet. He's never been here and has not heard the noise of thousands of helicopter flights every month during tourist season.

I just returned to Juneau after being gone for seven weeks and I picked up Word of Mouth only to read the same stuff about the noise issue. I am so embarrassed that Juneau is still doing this. Get over it, people.

Wake up to and listen to that noise. It's wonderful to be able to hear it. And yes, the SOB needs repair. It gets scarier every day with those elevators.

In a town that gets as much rain as Juneau, how can a clogged drain on a flat surface - as well-traveled as the eighth floor of the SOB - go on unnoticed or be ignored long enough to cause as much damage as it did? Doesn't the Department of Administration know the meaning of preventative maintenance?

I have a suggestion on how to house the legislators when they come to town. They should stay on the Malaspina and stay in the state rooms and house their cars on the car deck.

We shouldn't have the road to Haines because we'll become a little Los Angeles. If you think tourism is bad, just think what will happen with the road.

Haines and Skagway already have a road and ferry service. Since they have both, why can't we?

Voting on the road is a waste of money. It will still be a split community and nothing will be done.

Don't forget to make your vote count. Now, two cruise lines are being fined for polluting our air. Industrial tourism needs to be regulated.

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