Don't meddle with sanctity of love

Posted: Monday, August 04, 2003

Mr. Bush must ultimately comprehend that neither he, nor anyone in the government, holds the right to insinuate himself into the matrimonial bonds of two consenting adults. I do not know why the president believes that attempting to curtail the rights of gay citizens will win him the votes of heterosexual citizens. He is quite mistaken. In fact, President Bush, it behooves you to understand that Americans, most of us with our hard-scrabble immigrant origins, and our habit of loving our country and its honorable liberties, are loathe to emulate the tyranny and oppression our forbears escaped abroad.

In sum, Mr. Bush, you are alienating the very heart of your nation when you attempt to bring injustice on gay Americans.

I hope that our representatives in Washington will convey this message to their colleagues, and to you: It is not for you to meddle in the sanctity of love between man and man, woman and woman, or woman and man. Your job, sir, is to protect our ideals, not to scorn them.

Morissa Lou Williams


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