My Turn: Desperate gasps from a dying ideology

Posted: Monday, August 04, 2003

Mercy me. Sometimes I have to scratch my head and wonder about these ultra-liberal folks. In a way they're easy to understand, in a way not so easy. They sure can dish it out to beat the band, but the eensy-teensiest little reality check kinda throws 'em for a loop. They squeal like a bunch'a stuck hogs!

But know there's more to the squealin' than just being stuck! These hogs are squealin' because they sense, very keenly, that the jig is up! They know something different's in the air, and from now on the farmer's not gonna just throw out a bunch'a slop so they can lay around in the mud all day and get fat! These oinkers know it's a new dawn that doesn't bode well for 'em at all!

Thus they squeal. Loudly!

Sooner or later the noise becomes monotonous and you realize the hog squealin's a bit of a con, a bait-and-switch spin of the roulette wheel in hopes the farmer will go away and leave 'em alone.

I wonder if they'll squeal if I mention tyranny in the name of democratic progress at home and right around the corner?

Think Humvees, machine guns and troops breaking down doors in a quaint Miami neighborhood to "liberate" a 7-year-old political exile from our next-door-neighbor despot whose response when America confronted a like-minded monster was to immediately throw every "comrade" he could lay his hands on who may have represented the slimmest hope of truth into rat-infested, isolated slammers, where they remain.

Think of an overzealous liberal media, who in greed, haste and glee prematurely (or read "preemptively") called the 2000 elections, keeping the competition on the West Coast away from the polls during the crucial after-work, drive-home voting period, throwing the nation into chaos. Lost anyway? No worries. A small touch of never-say-die spin and voil, it's the loosely interpreted ammunition of a "stolen" election. Truth is their own blatant attempt to steal it failed; it seems you have to know it to recognize it. Could it be they came by this "pot calling the kettle black" spin strategy honestly from their Oval Office idol?

This would also help.

But there's one more small truth all the stuck squealers have conveniently left out. They turn their back on the fact that globally serious money and big time murderers are trying very, very hard to kill us from the inside out. Murderers who hate the very air we breathe and want us gone as badly or worse than Arafat wants Israel pushed into the sea.

This is also true.

Can we save ourselves and nurture freedom in the world? I think so. I have hope. Hope that wasn't there five or six years ago when our progressive, liberal leader was bombing an aspirin factory to create a political smokescreen and his wife (or cohort, or partner, or whatever we're supposed to call her) was leading congress into the streets to protest his war of being busted for lying under oath and obstructing the justice of the sex he never had and the finger he never wagged.

Or couldn't finally decide what the definition of the word is is.

But wait! Shhhh, be really quiet! Do I hear more squealin'?

Or the last desperate gasps of a dying political ideology?

Jody Liliedahl of Juneau describes himself as "an interested pardons investigations follower who has cheese fresh from the moon for anyone who thinks Monica surprised Hillary."

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