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Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I agree with Michael Kazmac, who recently wrote that "the general public sees editorial slant on the front page and they are sick of it. They see stories buried on page 20 that belong on the front page and they are sick of it."

Indeed, on the very same day and in the very same paper that printed Mr. Kazmac's astute observation, I found buried on page 7 (inside cover of the back page and two pages after Mr. Kazmac's letter) the following stories: "U.S. economy slowed down," "Federal deficits to soar to $455 billion Record," "Delta Air asks pilots to make bigger concessions," "Former Enron employee pleads guilty to fraud," "Safeway to close last East Coast manufacturing plant" and "Drug giant (Bristol-Myers) agrees to pay $300 million (to settle class action law suit for lying to investors)."

Although Mr. Kazmac predicted I would find the "truth" about, to quote Mr. Kazmac, "the lies of Joe Wilson and Michael Moore, the potentially disastrous security breaches of Sandy Berger or the United Nations oil-for-food scandal," all I found hidden in the back pages of the paper was even more corroboration that this country is in increasingly deep trouble under the "misleadership" of George W. Bush.

Garland Walker


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