Thank you

Posted: Wednesday, August 04, 2004

... for all the help with 4th of July events

I want to say thank you to all the police officers, fire department employees, U.S. Coast Guard members, and other volunteers that made the 4th of July events in Juneau safe and fun to watch. You all have a hard job, and I appreciate your working on a day many have off.

Elizabeth Williams

... for supporting MADD

The MADD Juneau Chapter is grateful to the Downtown Rotary Club and Alaska Airlines for their contribution toward an underage drinking prevention kit. These tools will educate both adults and youth about the consequences of minor consuming and drunk driving, such as the one involving three young men driving 100 mph out North Douglas during the 4th of July week. Along with the chapter's gold sponsors, Mendenhall Auto Center/Chrysler Daimler, ACS and First National Bank, Downtown Rotary and Alaska Airlines help our youth make healthy choices that affect not only themselves but the rest of us as well.

Cindy Cashen

Executive Director

MADD Juneau Chapter

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