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Posted: Friday, August 04, 2006

In her column, "Support Juneau growth - build the road now," on July 30, Leasa Davis emphasizes the road's potential to be one of the most beautiful highways on the West Coast, providing road accessible areas to take children and potential for recreation, parks, camping areas and memorials for Native heritage sites.

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Sounds good, but the truth is this is not what is planned. As I understand, the plan put forth by Department of Transportation and approved by regulating agencies would have limited opportunities to pull off the roadway in an emergency let alone access any potential recreation opportunities. The only recreation facility planned is a trail and cabin up Slate Creek. No other recreation facilities are planned along the 50-mile stretch of road.

As for scenic beauty, much of the road will be a swath cut through thick forest providing little if anything in the way of the majestic views seen along the California coast or even through Jasper National Park. If the road is built to it's projected destination at the Katzehin Flats, the land there might provide an opportunity for future development of the park and camping areas Ms. Davis is excited about, but there are no plans for such development at this time.

For road accessible recreation for families, I suggest she visit the many state and Forest Service sites on the existing road. These are a sure thing.

Jim Barron


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