Windows shot out of Riverside houses

Two teenagers fired a BB gun, police say

Posted: Friday, August 04, 2006

Police are investigating a slew of damaged windows along North Riverside Drive in the Mendenhall Valley, after two juveniles in a white vehicle shot at homes Wednesday night with a BB gun.

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"We ended up having quite a few calls today referring to different windows being shot out," said Sgt. Steve Christensen, with the Juneau Police Department. "We still haven't been able to determine if that's involved with the kids or not. We had a couple windows that were thought to be broken with a BB, but it turned out to be rocks."

At 11:06 Wednesday, a man called police to report that unknown assailants in a white vehicle had shot out a glass door window of his home, on Riverside Drive. The man was outside his home at the time, and dove to the ground when he thought he was being shot at by a BB gun or small rifle, police said.

"It was a normal, everyday BB gun," Christensen said. "It wasn't a pellet gun or anything like that."

Moments later, police on Mendenhall Loop Road stopped a white vehicle with five juvenile passengers. Police interviewed all five occupants and discovered a BB gun under one of the seats. Police determined that two of the passengers - 16 and 17 - had fired the gun at houses.

All five kids, including the shooters, were later released. The gun was taken as evidence. Charges will be referred to the Johnson Youth Center, once police deduce how much property damage is involved.

Homeowners along North Riverside Drive are encouraged to call police at 586-0600 with any reports of possible BB damage to windows or siding.

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