Where is softball league coverage?

Posted: Monday, August 04, 2008

For the last three months or so, scores of local adult amateur athletes have been participating in the Juneau Softball leagues.

There have been a number of tournaments, one of which was dedicated to a local resident who passed on earlier in the year; yet nothing was covered.

We have had teams from out of town come to Juneau and participate in these tournaments throughout the season.

Despite the number of participants that have dedicated time out of their weeks to play, there has been no coverage of the games or tournaments. Furthermore, none of the standings or statistics from the tournaments have graced the local sports section. In the past, the Empire has covered the league off and on through a paid advertising section. This year, the league was not covered at all.

Local adult amateur hockey and adult amateur soccer are covered regularly without the need for a paid advertising section. Why is the Juneau Softball League treated differently in regards to coverage? Granted, there are some online venues available on www.juneauempire.com, but the print product does little to notify the public on how to send in photos or stories to these online sources.

I may just be speaking for myself, but it was pretty exciting to pick up the paper the last couple of years and see the pictures and stories both in print and on Web. It would be nice if the Juneau Empire, which prides itself on being a local paper, could take a look at its local coverage of activities, both in and out of sports, and find a way to deliver a better product.

Jason Troupin


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