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New videos for kids are here, including several exciting new sets!

Keep it up
I enjoyed reading Kadashan's thoughts about chance in the Sunday paper. I have some thoughts of my own for Kadashan.

A disservice to God and country
Having let the dust settle on the matter, I think that the Ninth Circuit Court made the right choice in insisting that the phrase "under God" be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance in order for the pledge to pass constitutional muster.

Hope is alive
Most sincere thanks to Perseverance Theater's STAR Program and director Nancy Buttenheim for her courageous and beautiful production of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.

Ignore Berkeley
With the utmost of sincerity, I beg you not to print any more stories about laws, ballot measures or ordinances from Berkeley, Calif.

'No' preference
On Aug. 27, the voters will be asked to vote on only one ballot measure - whether or not Alaska should change to a "preferential voting" system.

Building a community at Polaris House
In the living room of Polaris House, a center for Juneau residents with mental illnesses to gather and volunteer, people talk, comfort each other and share their stories.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Come for hypnosis, leave with vitamins
During a break after the first hypnosis session at Tuesday night's stop-smoking seminar, many of the attendees came out on the steps of Centennial Hall to light up.David Thomas took a walk around the building. He had thrown away his Drum rolling tobacco before he came that night, he said.

Hypnotizing Juneau
Joe Zawacki eyed about 50 audience members and, like a preacher showing the way to the promised land, raised his hand toward an imagined horizon beyond the walls of Centennial Hall.He was in Juneau, he said Tuesday night, because he wanted to help people stop smoking through hypnosis. "You'll excuse my lack of modesty," Zawacki said as he gave a wink toward the front row. "But I'm really good at it."

Photo: Aiming to thwart legislative move
Clark Gruening, a lobbyist for Juneau, takes aim at a benefit Saturday put on by the Juneau Gun Club on Montana Creek Road.

Juneau test averages rise
Juneau elementary and middle school students' state benchmark test score averages continued to improve this year with the district-wide averages besting state averages.

Juneau officials pick a fight with invasive weed
What sounds like a gourmet's delight is Juneau's plant enemy No. 1 this summer.Garlic mustard, or Alliaria petiolata, is flourishing on the downtown hillside between Distin Avenue and Village Streets, much to the dismay of state, federal, local and tribal officials. They are launching an effort to eradicate the invasive plant before it takes hold elsewhere in Juneau.

Chamber speaker touts 'Watchable Wildlife'
Additional wildlife tourism could be a valuable boost to Alaska's economy, said James Mallman, president of Watchable Wildlife Inc., at the Juneau Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Friday."There's an incredible economic opportunity with wildlife in this country," Mallman said. "At the same time, there's an incredible responsibility that the commodities we've come to value aren't destroyed."

Around Town
Listings of local nonprofit events.

Local Briefs
Man charged in airport theft; Woman with special needs seeks lost cat

Garbage law limited by privacy concerns
Part of the city's trash and bear control ordinance is proving difficult to enforce because of concerns about private property rights, but police say they're still able to issue tickets.

Police and Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

Photo: Cruising the solar system
The Daughters Of The New Moon belly dancers paint the planet Saturn last week on the Juneau Community Planet Walk at Twin Lakes.

Northern exposures: A 20-year retrospective of Juneau Empire photographer Brian Wallace
Twenty years ago former Juneau Empire managing editor Carl Sampson hired me as a photographer. I'm grateful for the chance he gave me and still think he is one of the best of bosses despite the fact he thinks The Captain and Tennille are the end-all in music. My mentors have been many.

Angle R. Peterson, Sr.
Juneau resident Angle Rock Peterson, Sr., 79, died July 28, 2002, at Bartlett Regional Hospital.

Hazel Beach
Former Juneau resident Hazel Mary Beach, 75, died July 18, 2002, in Anchorage.

Empire editorial: Party choices may muddy vote on legislative move
Since this will be the first election under Alaska's new primary system in which political parties will restrict who can vote for their candidates, many voters had to make hard choices in registering for the Aug. 27 primary. The deadline for registering was July 28.

Kadashan: Things don't happen by chance
When I was in college I took this Indian Education course. Our instructor was a Native American and he gave us this imposing lecture about the natural laws. He alleged that long before foreigners came to the Americas our people lived with nature. Because we lived with nature we understood the laws of nature; because we understood the laws of nature we obeyed the natural laws; and because we obeyed these laws the natural world provided us with all we needed to sustain our lives.

Techwit: Hiking the Great Indoors
It was the great comedian and philosopher Howie Mandel who once said, "I used to jog three miles a day until I realized how much easier it would be if I drove."That's what technology is all about: Dispensing with anything resembling real work as quickly and painlessly as possible. Like making toast or traveling a hundred miles with a 50-pound load. You could do those the old-fashioned way, but you don't.

Toe Cartoon

Big Fish Photos

Outdoors Briefs
Sport fish officials seek input; Crane festival held in Fairbanks;

Fish report
Halibut and coho salmon harvest rates continue to be better than average this summer.

Searching for seabirds in Alaska
Finding birds is not always easy. Some birds, such as ptarmigan, require long hikes into alpine areas to find them. Others, such as owls, may require a lot of skulking around in the woods when everybody else in your family is asleep. With enough dedication and persistence, however, many of the birds that occur in Southeast Alaska can eventually be located.

An old idea that will save your life
The ever-expanding technology of the 21st century has given boaters more sense of safety than ever before. Global positioning systems are now inexpensive and readily available. Boats are stronger, better made and sport more reliable engines.But the one thing that will most easily save your life on the water is an old idea - the life jacket or PFD. Now in this case, a PFD is not our annual windfall from the state, but a personal flotation device.

Making a diver's playground
A group of local divers is cleaning up a derelict 40-foot sailboat they plan to sink off the Auke Village Recreation Area in what they call an "aquatic enhancement project."Avid Juneau scuba diver Larry Musarra filed a permit request with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Friday as part of what has been a grueling process to try and create an artificial reef that is easily accessible to Juneau divers.

Out and About
In season: King and Dungeness crab, halibut and rockfish (peaks June-Sept.), king, sockeye, pink and chum salmon (runs June to Sept., peaks in July), coho salmon (June-Nov.), freshwater brook trout (peaks Aug.-Sept.), Dolly Varden (June-Aug.), bear viewing at Pack Creek (June-Sept., peaks July and Aug.), freshwater Northern pike (peaks July-Aug.), deer (Aug.-Dec., depending on area), mountain goat (Aug.-Dec., depending on area), wolf (Aug.-April), grouse (Aug.-May), ptarmigan (Aug.-May).

Juneau East falls in Western Regional opener
The Juneau East Majors (age 11-12) Little League baseball team got off to a rough start in Western Regional play on Sunday, falling to the Washington state champions, 9-2, in San Bernardino, Calif.

It's Miller's time
Shawn Miller was within sight of the finish line of Saturday's 11th annual Frank Maier Memorial Marathon when he had to stop and massage a cramp in his left calf.Miller's legs had begun cramping about 17 miles into the 26.2-mile race from Sandy Beach to False Outer Point and back, and now Miller was having a hard time walking, much less running. But Miller was close to the finish of his first marathon, so he gave his calf muscle a quick massage then continued on in the race.

Local Sports Briefs
Juneau All-Stars finish 2-1-1 at Fred Meyer Zane Cup; Juneau cyclists do well in Whitehorse; Hughes breaks two state swim records in section meet; Brooks-Salveson claim doubles crown;

Local Marathon Results
Results from the 11th annual Frank Maier Memorial Marathon, held Saturday in Douglas and sponsored by the Southeast Road Runners club.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

12-year-old wins with big cabbage
Visitors to the Tanana Valley State Fair this weekend were wowed by the size of the cabbage 12-year-old Erica Olson had in her wheelbarrow.

Interior wildfires flare up
Smoke so thick that even firefighting aircraft couldn't do their work layered the middle and western Tanana Valley on Sunday as high temperatures across the region sent existing wildfires racing across the landscape.

Godfrey's widow recovering
Patti Godfrey, critically wounded in a weekend shooting that killed her husband, a retired Alaska commissioner of public safety, is recovering in an Anchorage hospital after undergoing 12 hours of surgery.

Knowles appoints task force to look at prescription drugs
JUNEAU - Gov. Tony Knowles has created a task force to study the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs in Alaska.The seven-member task force will have until Oct. 1 to make recommendations and provide a cost estimate for a proposed prescription drug cost assistance program in the state. Knowles cited a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation that showed Alaska has the fastest growing prescription drug prices in the nation.

4-year-old drowns in lake
A 4-year-old boy drowned Sunday night while on a family picnic at Jewel Lake Park near 88th Avenue in Anchorage.

Ketchikan: New Coast Guard commander haled
Ketchikan's Coast Guard base, in a dual ceremony full of pomp and circumstance, welcomed a new commander while saluting its retiring commander.

Petersburg: Super yacht calls
A child's imagination is easily captured by a sailing ship, but a large sailing ship can bring a whole town to the water's edge. When the super yacht Georgia pulled into Petersburg's south harbor Friday afternoon, July 26, dwarfing the tenders Kupreanof and Kari Marie, tales of Tom Cruise and Ted Turner mingled among the ooh's and ah's of Little Norway's dock patrons.

Retired public safety commissioner killed
ANCHORAGE - Retired Alaska Commissioner of Public Safety Glenn Godfrey was shot and killed inside his Eagle River home early Saturday by a woman who then used the weapon to kill herself.Anchorage police said the killer was a prominent Anchorage woman distraught over a failed relationship with Godfrey after he had reunited with his wife. The woman was identified as Karen Brand, 33, vice president of the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce and a former staff person with the state Legislature.

Haines: Fisherman searches for new boat
Haines commercial fisherman Marty Smith is scrambling to find a new boat this week after his boat, the Rip Tide, was struck by a tender and sank near Mab Island last week.

State briefs
Denali Park seeks seed collectors; Candidate uninjured in plane crash; Man arrested in niece's death; Teen charged in sexual assault; AIDEA head takes new job

Man dies after falling, hitting head on wall
A 21-year-old man died early Sunday after he fell and hit his head on a cement wall, Anchorage police reported.

State program puts welfare recipients on job search
Five years after the state launched a welfare reform effort, it is revamping how it works with needy families to untangle the cumbersome and sometimes ineffective welfare bureaucracy.

Candidates head to the Interior
Candidates for Alaska's top offices are headed to the Interior to campaign for the Aug. 27 primary.

Ketchikan: Canadian sentenced for smuggling try
A Canadian man was sentenced Tuesday in Ketchikan Superior Court to two years in jail for a botched smuggling attempt in February of about 42 pounds of marijuana.

Ex-church school worker sentenced for molestation
FAIRBANKS - A former church-school worker was sentenced to 32 years in prison for molesting several children in North Pole.Kenneth Rarick, 50, is a repeat sexual offender with a cunning ability to win the trust of both adults and young children, Superior Court Judge Niesje Steinkruger said Thursday.

Federal health secretary pledges support for Alaska
U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson committed his federal agency to do more for Alaska during a weekend tour of the state.

Mechanical woes stall Statendam
A power failure delayed the Holland America cruise ship Statendam at least a day and may cause it to skip several port calls this week, including Juneau.

Firm wants to build pipeline for Montana tribes
Alaska-based Arctic Slope Regional Corp. wants to design and build the Fort Peck, Mont., tribes' new water pipeline as part of a joint venture project.

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