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Posted: Monday, August 05, 2002

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• Things don't happen by chance

I enjoyed reading Kadashan's thoughts about chance in the Sunday paper. I have some thoughts of my own for Kadashan.

Chance, randomness and chaos are three conditions of probability. That is to say, the probability of any one of those being present in any event are a ratio of actual to probable happenings. Actual events are predictable simply because they happened, though none are ever exactly the same repeated. Since there is the probability that chance, randomness and chaos will intervene to change them.

Fortunately, these are the same marvelous and exciting radicals that determine us to be individuals and they are the same wonderful players that enable each of us to view our personal existence from a uniquely interesting and different perspective.

Please, Kadashan, keep up the interesting writing, as it gives something of meaningful sustenance to think about in the paper.

Alan Munro


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