Firm wants to build pipeline for Montana tribes

Posted: Monday, August 05, 2002

ANCHORAGE - Alaska-based Arctic Slope Regional Corp. wants to design and build the Fort Peck, Mont., tribes' new water pipeline as part of a joint venture project.

Arctic Slope is proposing a profit-sharing plan with the tribes and promises that participation from Indian contractors will be maximized. A design-and-build plan is the quickest way to get the project off the ground, said Terry Kenyon, one of three company officials who visited Fort Peck recently.

A design-and-build plan calls for a conceptual design at the outset. The company that lands the contract refines the project as it develops, making necessary changes along the way.

Groundwater in the area surrounding the reservation in northeastern Montana is contaminated with iron and sulfates and is so bitter many residents rely on bottled drinking water. The federal government has approved building a huge pipeline to serve the area, transporting water from nearby Fort Peck Lake.

Kenyon stressed that Arctic Slope is looking for a partnership that will lean heavily on local resources.

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