Caution on Egan

Posted: Tuesday, August 05, 2003

It was encouraging to see a couple sane letters mentioning Egan Drive not being a freeway, people needing to get into the "fast" lane to turn left, and needing more traffic lights so we're not turning left across two lanes of rush-hour bumper-to-bumper 55 mph (those cars that go too SLOW) traffic.

Then today I saw the letter stating we should raise the speed limit to 65 mph since no one follows the speed limit anyway. What about the stoplights that are already there? Are we supposed to go 65 mph, then to quickly decide when the light changes whether to zoom through or screech to a stop? Down in the "states" there are signs warning people "Reduced Speed Zone Ahead" right before stoplights.

Here we have a "Slower Traffic Keep Right" sign southbound right before the McNugget stoplight, the location of more than one fatal traffic accident already.

During heavy traffic both lanes are pretty much bumper to bumper. I expect very few of those cars are happy to be going slow, much less willing to all scoot over to the "slow" lane, even if they could manage it. (At those times if you need to move to the "fast" lane to make your turn, good luck being allowed to change lanes!) Is it worth risking causing a death to save a few minutes behind the wheel?

How often do you REALLY have somewhere you must rush off to in Juneau?

Some cars, sometimes, get ticketed for speeding on Egan for going faster than 55 mph. I agree that enforcement is nil at this rate, and I see no point and no fairness in occasionally zapping someone with a ticket if it doesn't make anyone else obey the speed limit.

Lisa Carlson


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