Define 'Gastineau bowl'

Posted: Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Sunday's publisher-torial on floatplane noise prompts a geography question.

What is "the Gastineau bowl?"

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Empire editorial: Good progress on noise abatement

"Flightseeing operators," the editorial says, "have consistently demonstrated a resolve to address aircraft noise in the Gastineau bowl and to make it happen have willingly forfeited opportunity."

Now, leaving aside the question whether the "it" in this sentence is "aircraft noise" or "a resolve" or some sort of post-resolution, adequately addressed aircraft noise, and also leaving aside the question whether "opportunity" should be "an opportunity" or "opportunities" - you all really should try to copy-edit these things - there's still a question about where all this addressing is happening.

Gastineau is a channel, and a peak, but not - until Sunday - a bowl.

A bowl is round, or maybe oblong. The Ski Bowl, if Judge Stewart and Bob Janes Sr. can validate that term for the Third Cabin area, is not round, but it's close. Silver Bow Basin is not round, but it's close. Gastineau Channel is long and narrow, and so - maybe with the exception of the Lemon Creek area - is the airspace bounded by the mountains on either side.

Is "the Gastineau bowl" the roughly triangular area bounded by the Gastineau Peak ridge on one side of the Channel, and the two Channel-side spurs of Mount Jumbo, on the other? This isn't round, but it does include Douglas, home of the loudest anti-noise complainers, so maybe that's it.

Please don't forfeit the opportunity to address this.

Mark Regan


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