Who marched against communism?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, August 05, 2005

Liberal-Left icon Che Guevara once said "a people without hate cannot triumph." It seems more than a few of Juneau's "people for peace" are wearing Che's ideology as well as his T-shirt image.

First, masked extremists sully Juneau's Independence Day parade with their mocking display of anti-Americanism under the banner of promoting peace. Never mind that those marchers have never folded a single crane in opposition to a century of wars and violence committed in the name of mass murderers flying red flags often emblazoned with various hand tools.

On the same day in Douglas, a masked dog dropping appeared topped with a photo of a duly elected political leader - an expression that was edged more toward hate speech than free speech.

Then I read this from Donnie Douglas in Tuesday's Juneau Empire: "Whether through war, executions, lynching or inadequate health care (not to mention cuts to NPR), conservatives love nothing more than turning live humans, except wealthy humans, into corpses."

Che would be proud of that comment. Research has shown approximately 100 million humans - few of whom were wealthy - died at the direct hand of communism in the 20th century.

Che knew his audience. It takes a lot of hate to kill 100 million people, and it takes a lot of hate to publicly declare that you believe that any of your neighbors who might be a political or social conservative is in fact a vicious, uncaring, cold-blooded murderer.

Juneau's self-righteous, self-declared "peace activists" like to spike their speech with the word "tolerance." I have a suggestion: mute the Steve Earle CD for a second and reflect on the real meaning of the word.

Richard Rose


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