Regarding short Fridays at school

Posted: Friday, August 05, 2005

Though I don't understand why teachers can't simply work after the kids leave until 5 p.m. like everyone else who works until 5 p.m., I also fail to see why parents are upset.

I don't have to agree with the program, but I do put my kids in public school, and with that I have to trust that the teachers and staff know what they are doing. If I didn't, I would home school or private school my children.

Overall, the total number of hours is not going to hurt most children. It just means I have to spend more time with them, reading to them and so on. Is this a bad thing? Yes, some parents have to work, as do I; therefore, your children will go to an after-school program longer on that day. In my house we have extra workbooks for all subjects that my kids can do when they are bored.

Get some books, work with your own kids, and stop griping that our underpaid teachers aren't babysitting your kids longer.

Victoria Scharen


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