Don't let the misdeeds of a few hurt all riders

Posted: Sunday, August 05, 2007

This is in response to Bob Hunsick's letter to the editor ("For the public good, please don't let ATVs have North Douglas," Aug. 1). In my opinion, he is being quite stereotypical. Just because he has heard of people out at Echo Cove being up to no good is no reason to say everyone there is. Not all all-terrain vehicle riders are drunken criminals like he thinks. I know a few people, my boyfriend included, who ride ATVs for fun without getting drunk or causing trouble.

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I am not an ATV enthusiast, but I have taken a spin on my boyfriend's three-wheeler. Yes, it's a little loud, but so are the jets that fly over and trucks that drive by. And yes, they use gas and give off fumes, but what SUV doesn't?

In places such as Hoonah they ride four-wheelers in the town streets. Their residents aren't up in arms about the town being ruined forever. Just because a few people don't like ATVs doesn't mean the sport should be banned in Juneau.

Think about a hobby you love very much, which you had only one place to enjoy it. Would you want that place taken away because a few people may have misused it? No, you wouldn't. Don't punish people for others' mistakes.

Lauren Haight


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