Stonewalling by the Legislature

Posted: Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It seems the Legislature is better at stonewalling about the energy rebate proposed by Gov. Palin than they are about most everything else.

It will soon be permanent fund time and they can pat themselves on the back and say, see the energy rebate wasn't needed after all. (I predicted the Legislature would drag its feet through the summer to avoid giving Alaskan citizens a penny of their windfall profits.)

These are the people who have been voted into office to look after the well-being of the state, which includes its citizens. By not acting on the real needs of energy assistance in the most direct and expedient manner is nothing short of dereliction of duty.

Now everyone seems to have a plan for energy assistance, each one even more complicated than the last. The bickering continues and the residents suffer. Enough already. More foot dragging is not needed. The argument that a rebate is too expensive is ludicrous beyond belief. Alaskans need to remember this sorry episode of inaction by the Legislature and the Finance Committee in particular on Election Day.

The Finance Committee can't seem to get past the idea that the oil revenues-profits belong to the residents of Alaska and not to the state Legislature. Perhaps a ballot measure on sharing the windfall profits is required.

Hubert Meador


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