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Posted: Sunday, August 06, 2000

Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute and we reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel. The number to call in 586-4636. Then press 8255 to leave your message.

I enjoy Word of Mouth very much, but what bothers me is the complaining about the noise, the tourists, the dog stuff, etc., when Juneau has such a serious problem with drunk drivers killing our loved ones. We should be proud that tourists want to see our beautiful state, so let's keep it safe and beautiful.

Those on Star Hill who have called into complain about helicopter noise on Thursday and Friday should get a life. The helicopter flying after the voluntary curfew Thursday was performing a daring rescue of hikers stranded on a cliffside of Mount Juneau. The operation the next day was to retrieve their backpacks and gear. Have you no feelings for your fellow man?

Just a warning to parents. I went to see ``Nutty Professor 2'' and it is not a ``G'' movie. In fact, the movie was really bad. The first movie was wonderful, the second I'd better warn you before you send your kids.

Dear Jesus, please have your friends at Juneau Cooperative Church Council quit sending me browbeating postcards to get me to come to church. If I want to talk to you, you don't need me to write a card. I will pray. If I choose to come to church I will have more chance of coming if you quit bothering me. Yours, Ron.

A message to Riley Woodford: In your weekend ``Best Bets'' you damage your own credibility when you have nothing but praise for everything you review. Say some of it is horrendous. Most of it is anyway.

I've been very long-term resident here in Juneau, probably more than half of my life here - I'm from Anchorage - and I'm so disappointed in Juneau that it does not look over the children's and children's children futures here in town, so everyone has to migrate outside of town. Also I think we need a better census and to figure out housing and jobs, rather than `Let's give Juneau a better look.' I think that's really disgusting.

Thank you Empire for your wonderful editorial about how to protect the bears, but will somebody explain to me why the police don't ticket these people when they go and leave their garbage? Why aren't these people fined for leaving the garbage out?

The individual past of any human being is irrelevant. Politically it's irrelevant, legally it's irrelevant. It's an academic question and the answer to that question is on the paperwork you've done. You have to answer for that - you can't demonize individuals, you can't blame Hollywood, you can't blame the gun industry, you no longer have that opportunity. The real past is written in the paperwork, and the history of Alaska is written in the Library of Congress and your own library, and no individual need worry about the political process or the legal process any longer.

Regarding the Europeans who were shocked to see the helicopters on our glacier: They don't need to have helicopters. They have roads and tunnels to get to their glaciers.

I was calling in regard to the individual who said he didn't care about the eagles or the avalanches. Why don't we build a road through his house and starve his family and see what he thinks? Maybe he'll be an endangered species.

Since the Empire compares the price of gas locally, it would be nice to have one of their investigative reporters compare the long-distance and Internet programs offered locally. That would be very interesting information. It would help the consumer a lot.

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