Actions have consequences

Posted: Monday, August 06, 2001

As a citizen who votes, I will respectfully accept the resignation of all Assembly members including the city manager, who voted or recommended paying for the legal fees of Andy Bronson, a man found guilty for his unacceptable actions by the court of law.

As a taxpayer, I find it an act of heresy to be bound by the Assembly, which fundamentally serves the same side of governance that yielded a guilty verdict, yet somehow they manage to look the other way. I ask of you, John MacKinnon and Cathy Mu-oz, what message are we sending to our people, our youth?

There are many advantages to living in a small community, including accountability. It so happens to bring Juneau to a higher level of prestige making for an environment, that I am sure all assembly members will agree with, both safe and comfortable. Essentially, word of mouth goes a long way in this city.

I have heard of employees associated with this wastewater debacle who altruistically stepped forward to improve our quality of life and found themselves transferred, fired or jobs made so intolerable, they quit. What about them and their kids? How is the Assembly or Dave Palmer going to compensate the truly innocent ones? This is not an issue solely about Bronson, this is about a man's reckless actions and all the people he affected, including myself, who have to pay for his guilt. This is the trickle effect of government at its worst.

My hat's off to you, Ken Koelsch and Marc Wheeler, you sent the right message. One my mother taught me well: there are consequences for our actions - or are there?

Juan MacFarlane


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