Move legislative sessions north

Posted: Tuesday, August 06, 2002

My name is Mark Chryson, I am the chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party. But you missed out on the party membership of the other sponsors of the movement. Am I getting special treatment or are you just afraid that this bear will bite you?

You would think that as well-informed as you claim to be that at least you could do would be is to get the name of the party correct. That is if you are a true newsperson or a respectable newspaper.

The name of the party is Alaskan Independence Party.

But still the same thank you for your publicity.

This proposal on the November ballot does not move the capitol but only the legislative sessions. Those of us on the road system do not wish to repeat the process of the stealing of the capitol from Sitka by the business leaders of Juneau. (Will the Juneau Empire ever do a story on this part of Alaskan history?) We don't want the capitol here, Juneau can have the capitol. We just want access to our legislators.

What makes more fiscal sense? ... to make 55 people travel from their homes through Anchorage and on to Juneau, or to stop those trips at Anchorage and only have pay for five trips from Juneau to Anchorage?

Obviously those who wish to force the State of Alaska to continue to pay 11 times as much in travel expenses are not interested in Alaska's best financial interests. They do not wish to save money, just more of their drunken sailor spending mentality.

Who is it that really wants to keep Alaskans in the dark? Those who wish to have access for most Alaskans, or those who wish to keep most Alaskans out of their town, those who wish that government is done where people can actually see them or those who wish to hide them beyond the reach of most Alaskans where the smoke filled back room deals can be kept secret.

Bottom line, make fiscal sense, keep government in the light, move it!

Donkeys and elephants are not native to Alaska, The bear is!

Alaska first, Alaskan always.

Mark Chryson, chairman

Alaskan Independence Party


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