On swimming safety

Posted: Wednesday, August 06, 2003

As a concerned parent I am writing this letter in hopes that the Augustus Brown swimming pool will take action in providing safety for our children while at the pool. After speaking with other parents I have found this to be a recurring issue and I would hope that it is resolved before a child drowns. My daughter has been in the preschool class and been caught twice near drowning.

Both times a lifeguard has been on duty and there has been plenty of staff available. However, a parent is continually watching their child perform in the water and can tell much quicker when something is wrong. There is a locked door in the lobby that goes directly into the pool area. I understand that we don't want children to be able to access this entry, but please, let us put a top latch on the door next to the pool for parents to enter into. The first time my child was under water for 25-30 seconds before she was even noticed.

My hands are bruised from banging on the lobby windows and my heart is in my stomach over this issue. I don't want it to happen to someone else's child.

Sarah Wolfe


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