Get rid of junkers

Posted: Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I didn't know Poindexter was in town. The idea that law-abiding members of the community should pay for the abuses of those who dump their junk cars along the Juneau road system and in the Kmart parking lot is absurd. I'm surprised that the Juneau Assembly didn't decide to sell futures on where and when the next junker will be dumped. The next logical step is since the disposal of junkers is being pre-paid, more junkers will appear along our road system. And, since we're paying for the disposal of junker cars, why not leave old refrigerators and freezers along the road, ad nauseum!!!

I can't believe our city manager thinks it will take a year to develop another approach. I know, it's too much trouble to identify the junkers owner and it would occupy too much valuable time tracking down these deadbeats, so let's take the easy way out and charge those who are not responsible. Where did the idea that these vehicles can be traced and the registered owners charged, get lost? Once the owner is identified, charge him. If he refuses to pay, recover the cost from his PFD.

Fred Bergander


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