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Posted: Friday, August 06, 2004

... to Allen Marine for evening cruise

On May 28 over 100 people were treated to a spectacular evening on board the Allen Marine Vessel St. Nicholas. The Wildlife Cruise was donated by Allen Marine in support of Public Racing at the Eaglecrest Ski Area. The Hale Ski Foundation and the Eaglecrest Ski Area would like to thank Allen Marine for their generous donation. The crew did an outstanding job making sure our evening was something to remember. Capt. Rusty Simonson provided us with excellent wildlife viewing and naturalist Julia Burrows did a wonderful job of giving us the right mix of history and information. Allen Marine continually provides support for community organizations. Their generous support of the Eaglecrest Ski Area, the Hale Ski Foundation and Public Racing at Eaglecrest is very much appreciated. Thank you Allen Marine!

Jeffra Clough, Eaglecrest Ski Area; Rosemary Gute Gruening, Hale Ski Foundation; Peter Ord, Eaglecrest Public Racing Program

... for promoting helmet safety

Promoting helmet safety for all active sports by having a float in the Fourth of July parade was a dream come true. As a nurse, I see far too many injuries that could be lessened by safety gear. I would like to thank everyone who helped on the parade entry, "Winners Wear Helmets."

Thanks to Bartlett Regional Hospital and Juneau Emergency Medical Associates for financial support. Thanks to Juneau Safe Kids Coalition for the helmets that were distributed. Thanks to SOA injury prevention for stickers, key chains and Alice. Thanks to members of the class of 2007 for many work and participation hours: Tom Meiners, Zach Starbard, Crissanna Pegues, Ray Huebschen, T.J. Preston, Sidney Akagi and Molly Trostel. Thanks to some of the finest women on the earth for their creative support: Shelly Harmon, Belinda Burch, Judy Cavanaugh, Shana Williams and Alice Walters. Thanks to parade participants: Tamara Simone, DeAnna Collins, Tyler Collins, Wilson Curtis-Simone, Jessie Collins, Nick Andrews, Keith Andrews and Kevin Meiners. Thanks to Dr. George Brown for being our VIP on the float! Thanks to Alaska Marine Lines and Terry Maxwell for the float bed. Many, many thanks to World Wide Movers and Gil Aerni for decorating space and details and a safe, yet fun, ride.

Finally, a big thanks to the Douglas parade committee for the thrill of acknowledgment by a $100 best award. The money will go to the class of 2007!

Donna Meiners


... to Princess Tours for a 'big moment'

On behalf of all the "Bigs," "Littles" and special guests who were lucky to attend, we'd like to thank Princess Tours for hosting us aboard the Island Princess for a luncheon on July 21. The meal and ship tour made a wonderful experience for our volunteers and children. We usually say that "little moments add up to big magic" at Big Brothers Big Sisters. We'd like to thank Princess for a truly big moment for many of our Juneau matches.

Marc Wheeler, executive director

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Alaska

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