Thanks for another successful Camp DAMP

Posted: Wednesday, August 06, 2008

For the last 16 years, the local contra dance community has sponsored a weekend-long camp, Camp Dance And Music Party (DAMP), at the Eagle River United Methodist Camp. It's a time full of family fun, dancing, music and workshops drawing nearly 100 local and out-of-town participants of all ages.

The camp features guest artists and callers from all across the United States. This year, we enjoyed wonderful music form the Portland band Joy Ride and Seattle-based caller Laura Me' Smith.

It's our custom to show the guest artists a good time by arranging complimentary tours and gifts from local vendors. We would like to thank the following people and businesses for generously donating toward this event:

Marlis Mayeda, of Mount Roberts Tramway; John McConnochie, of Cycle Alaska; Becky Janes, of Above & Beyond Alaska; Mark Kelley Photography, for books and calendars; and Steve Warren, of Sitka, for the wonderful salmon and venison. The guests were most appreciative and enjoyed their Juneau experience.

Also, many thanks to the amazing efforts and vision of the local contra dance community, whose tireless energies and year-round commitment keeps this event happening.

Thanks to the folks who housed guests, especially Cathy Botelho, John Clark and Sally Donaldson. Thanks to Adrian Slater, Justine Emerson, John and Terry Laskey, for help above and beyond, including the loan of vehicles for guest artists.

Thank you to the Laskeys, for providing sound; to Doug Edgar and Odette Foster, for too many things to mention; Suzanne Haight, for organizing meals and shopping; Tom Paul, for camp schedule and a host of other things; Jan Caulfield and Cecily Morris, for registration and much more; Frank and Ruth Ramsey; Joanne Erskine; Tom Melville; KTOO; Alaska String Band and Full Circle Band for music; and local callers, meal captains, registrars and volunteers.

Thank you to the camp managers, Lauri and Virgil Fredenberg, for your help with camp logistics.

This is such a huge effort, it's difficult to thank everyone. We all help make it happen. This is one of the things that makes Juneau a special place to live.

Mary DeSmet and Greg Burger

Camp DAMP Committee


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