Juneau discovery leads to spot on television show

Posted: Monday, August 07, 2000

Related acts of honesty are bringing two Juneau families national publicity.

About two weeks ago, the Empire reported on the coincidental finding and return of a stolen purse by a boy whose mother's missing jewelry had been recovered 15 years ago by the purse owner's son.

Faye Bain gave James Lown, 11, a reward for returning her purse, in honor of the fact that Janet Lown, James' mother, had given Bain's son Robert a reward after he found her gold nugget jewelry and pearls on the side of the road. Robert was then about the same age as James is now.

Scouts for the television program ``Beyond Chance'' read about the honest boys in Los Angeles newspapers that printed Associated Press versions of the original article. As a result, Ruth Rafidie of Triage Entertainment, the producer of ``Beyond Chance,'' recognized it as a possible program segment.

``It goes to show that little ripples can really spread,'' Bain said.

Rafidie said the tentative schedule is to fly Robert Bain to Juneau from his Seattle home, and get all four parties together for filming.

``We are just getting started on this,'' Rafidie said. ``But we need to lock everything in.''

``Beyond Chance'' is a national, weekly television show that airs on Lifetime Television, cable Channel 28 in Juneau. The host is singer/songwriter Melissa Ethridge. Every segment of the show is geared to have interest to women, Rafidie said.

``We feature stories that have a twist of fate, a coincidence, a medical miracle, family reunions, adoption reunions,'' she said. The show is just beginning its second season of broadcast.

Triage Entertainment is a production company hired as an independent contractor by various studios such as CBS and Lifetime, Rafidie said.

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