Bear balderdash

Posted: Wednesday, August 07, 2002

In the police blotter I frequently read accounts involving people driving while under the influence of alcohol. I'm grateful to Cindy Cashen, and people like her, who donate their time to protect the public from drunk drivers. Thank you Cindy and MADD.

Further down the column is a section titled "Animal Encounters." Why isn't that section titled "Bear Encounters"? Bears are the only animals I've ever seen listed there. Why are bears even listed in the police blotter? Bears seldom harm anyone, but drunken drivers harm people nearly every day. Bears don't deserve police blotter notoriety! What's the purpose of the Animal Encounters section anyway? Is it to scare residents or is it to notify bus drivers where to take bear viewing tourists? While Cindy is performing a valuable service the JPD and Juneau Empire are wasting time and effort by shouting "bears, bears, bears are everywhere." If the people, involved in recording and publishing bear balderdash would redirect their effort to support the efforts of MADD we would all be better served.

Lowell Barrick


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