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Posted: Wednesday, August 07, 2002

I've read Dr. George Brown's letter of July 30, and I agree wholeheartedly with all the things he says in support of Fran Ulmer for governor.

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Although I have retired and been away from Alaska for three years, I still maintain a keen interest in events of the state, having lived there 40 years, and still having relatives and many friends there. The future course and fortune of Alaska is dear to my heart.

Alaska's greatest resource is her people, and the best promises of this resource are the children and young people who are growing, learning, maturing and inheriting the responsibility for the state. Success for them depends not only on the ability of their parents to have meaningful work, education, and opportunity, but also depends on children having the support systems, good health, education and security they need to achieve the best they can.

Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer has been committed to families and children, and has a record to show this. I have had a long personal and professional relationship with her and her wonderful family and have the greatest respect for her dedication to causes of women, children and families.

Dr. Brown has referred to the capabilities of women for leadership. Alaska has many examples of this leadership in its history: Elizabeth Peratovich, Dove Kull, Sister Mary Luca of St. Ann's Hospital in Juneau, Genie Chance of Anchorage and Juneau, Dr. Helen Whaley of Anchorage come quickly to mind. Many other women leaders, present and past, in fields of government and administration, business and industry, the arts, education, science, religion, the medical, nursing, and legal fields come to mind; readers of this cannot help but to know many.

Fran Ulmer has the commitment and the motivation to lead Alaska, and the abilities to do so. If I were a registered voter in Alaska now, I would vote for her, and I would encourage my family and friends to do so! I firmly believe she is the best candidate for governor and Alaska's future.

Kenneth W. Moss, M.D. (retired)

Great Falls, Mont.

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