And now, Bush's latest con game

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Posted: Sunday, August 07, 2005

Once again, President Bush is trying to rush the Senate and the American people into approving a catastrophically risky proposal while releasing only sketchy information.

Some of us recognized the con-like features of the president's Iraq war proposal early on: ever-changing reasoning, no proof, and pressure on the Senate to hurry up and approve.

Now the president has nominated John Roberts to the Supreme Court - a man with only two years' experience as a judge. That alone makes the man seem an inappropriate choice. But worse, the president's con-like signals are back. President Bush is, once again, allowing only sketchy information about Roberts' background, stonewalling Senate requests for documents. And once again, there is big pressure on the Senate from the president's gang to hurry up and confirm this nominee.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, who is on the Senate Judiciary Committee, reports, "The Bush Administration has demanded that the Senate keep a tight schedule. But what we need more than the White House telling us when and how to do our job is a White House willing to help us expedite our consideration by making relevant materials available without delay. The White House says it might need a month to screen documents before giving them to the Senate. Yet the Republican leadership in the Senate wants hearings to begin in a little more than a month - a timetable that leaves senators almost no time to review critical information before casting one of the key votes of their careers."

I wonder, why would the White House want senators to once again make an uninformed choice? Hmm? If John Roberts' Supreme Court nomination weren't such a threat we might laugh at how the president expects to fool the majority of Americans once again.

Barbara McDaniel


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