Government tends to stick to failed policies
I have never met Ken Burch (My Turn: "Raising Tomorrow's Leaders" on Aug. 1), that I know of, but I would like to so I could shake his hand and tell him right on.

Too much mud and dirt on Juneau roads
Am I the only Juneau citizen who is outraged at all the mud and dirt on the roads around the Lemon Creek area? Why are we all being forced to drive on muddy, dirty public roads?

ATV riders own homes and are responsible
This letter is in response to Bob Hunsick's letter to the editor ("For the public good, please don't let ATVs have North Douglas," Aug. 1). I was appalled by Hunsick's stereotypical view of all-terrain vehicle riders in Juneau.

State contributes to Juneau housing ills
I believe the state of Alaska has contributed more to the lack of affordable housing in Juneau than any other factor. The state of Alaska is the largest employer in Juneau and the state as a whole.

Fluoridating water strips freedom of choice
There are many unanswered questions surrounding the health concerns of fluoride in our drinking water. For every study that says it is beneficial, there is one to contradict it. Clearly, there is more to be learned about this much debated topic.

Rider outraged at anti-ATV letter
I found Bob Hunsick's Aug. 1 letter to the editor insulting and infuriating. Does he realizes how ignorant his letter is? He makes so many generalizations about "these people" that I take offense to the entire letter.

What is the real cause of terror in America?
For years, I've been reading interviews with highway and bridge engineers who are concerned that thousands of American bridges have been left go into dangerous disrepair. The bridge in Minneapolis is only one of many.

A pointed rebuke of North Douglas elitism
Bob Hunsick's letter to the editor on Aug. 1 reminded me of the privileged class of people who live on North Douglas and their out-of-touch view of the rest of the community.

Hood to run for District 2 Assembly seat
Licensed marriage and family therapist Dixie Hood has entered the race for a seat on the Juneau Assembly.

Around Town

Around Town

Police & Fire
Reports from police, fire officials and state troopers

Police & Fire
Reports from police, fire officials and state troopers

Photo: Reaching out
The cast of "Children of Eden" rehearse a scene Monday at the University of Alaska Southeast's Noyes Pavilion. Roger Benington is directing the play as part of Perseverance Theatre's five-week Summer Theatre Arts Rendezvous.

Historic Cutter Storis may make permanent move to Juneau
The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Storis was already a museum piece last winter when it spent 54 days pounding through the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska on its last patrol.

Photo: The early bear catches the fish
A young black bear snaps up a sockeye salmon for breakfast Sunday in Steep Creek near the Mendenhall Glacier.

Photo: Moments of silence
People participate in a silent vigil Monday at Marine Park to mark the anniversary of the dropping of atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.

Derby Kings
Steve Mielke thought he hooked a halibut when his line started zinging with the king salmon that appears to be the champion fish of the 61st Annual Golden North Salmon Derby.

Juneau chosen for new Internet service launch
There is a new option in Juneau's Internet offerings. It's called WiMAX, and it offers unbundled, unlimited highspeed Internet access without cable or DSL.

City tables panhandling ordinance, discusses fall election
After much discussion at its regular meeting Monday night, the Juneau Assembly tabled an "aggressive panhandling" ordinance until a regular meeting in September.






Erick Brooks Ward
Juneau resident Erick Brooks Ward died Aug. 3, 2007, in Juneau. He was 35.

Richard M. Oakley
Former Juneau resident Richard M. "Rick" Oakley of New Milford, Pa., died Sept. 2, 2006. He was 50.

Robert T. Croteau
Juneau resident Robert T. Croteau died May 14, 2007, in Juneau. He was 50.

Eric 'Scott' Monette
Former Juneau resident Eric "Scott" Monette died of natural causes in Anchorage. He was 47.

Outside Editorial: Terror and foreign policy rattle normally sure-footed Obama
Sen. Barack Obama remarkably out-Bushed and out-Cheneyed Sen. Hillary Clinton when he veered from willingness to picnic with despots to declaring he would launch a strike in Pakistan.

Newspapers sound off on ethics reform
A landmark win for ethics in congress, Bill isn't perfect, but neither is Congress, Congress takes giant step toward reform

My Turn: Assembly not following its plan
Well folks, the logging has started behind McDonald's off Egan Drive. The logs are stacked up about 10 feet from Jordan Creek and clear-cutting is occurring about 15 feet away from a recovering salmon stream.

Alaska Editorial: Alaska can't afford weakened U.S. reps
Having two-thirds of Alaska's congressional delegation associated with the words "criminal inquiry" is without question unsettling.

Striving for universal health care
Since almost everyone in Washington knows that members of Congress and their staffs have some of the best health insurance in town, you can imagine the surprise that greeted freshman Rep. Steve Kagen when he said he didn't want any.

Juneau football ranked fourth
Juneau-Douglas High School made the top five in the first Alaska Sports Broadcasting Network football poll of the season.

Bursell wins Tour de Juneau
The Tour de Juneau gave cycling fans a reason to cheer this weekend.

California company to buy Icicle Seafoods
One of Alaska's largest seafood processing plants is being sold to a private equity firm based out of California, company executives said.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

Stealthy fighter jet's arrival meets criticism
The U.S. Air Force's most technologically advanced - and expensive - fighter jet, the F-22 Raptor, is designed to be a stealthy killer capable of downing bogies at supersonic speeds.

Homeowner left just before plane crashed into her home
If not for that chocolate milkshake, Tess Heyburn might have been home when a plane rammed through her house Monday.

Four killed in Sitka plane crash
A single engine airplane crashed into an unoccupied house Monday near downtown Sitka, killing at least four people, including the pilot, and engulfing the house in flames, officials said.

Northwest Digest
Teens accused offiring gun in village, residents blamed for bear's death at Tahoe, Reno coyotes prompt pet owner warnings

Alaska Digest
Permanent fundreturns 17.1 percent, Trail Mix names new executive director

Eagle refuses to leave wildlife center
A golden eagle who was nursed back to health after suffering a concussion and severe starvation refused to leave her temporary home at the Alaska Wildbird Rehabilitation Center on Saturday.

Oil magnate sowed political clout
The former head of the oil field services company VECO Corp. was once a model of political clout.

Wolves may become Alaska Zoo's ambassador animals
It's not easy being an animal celebrity, as six teenage wolves now auditioning for the role of Alaska Zoo public ambassador might well attest.

Judge denies trial move for Weyhrauch
The corruption trial for former Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch, R-Juneau, will remain in Anchorage, a federal judge has ruled.

Alaska-based soldiers' deaths renew calls for withdrawal from Iraq
The deaths of five more Fort Richardson soldiers within a week in Iraq has some critics calling for the end of the war, but Alaska's senior congressional member said premature withdrawal would leave Iraq in anarchy.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

One killed, two wounded in Anchorage shootout
One man was killed and two others were wounded in a gun battle outside a lounge that has a troubled past, according to Anchorage police.

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