ATV riders own homes and are responsible

Posted: Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This letter is in response to Bob Hunsick's letter to the editor ("For the public good, please don't let ATVs have North Douglas," Aug. 1). I was appalled by Hunsick's stereotypical view of all-terrain vehicle riders in Juneau.

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I was born and raised here and was taught to have the utmost appreciation and respect for the wilderness and its inhabitants - while being raised as an ATV rider. Unfortunately, there are no locations for me to enjoy my sport, which reduces me to periodically using my ATV to plow snow off the driveways of my neighbors. That act of neighborly kindness certainly has not alienated me from any of my neighbors, as he so stated.

In Hunsick's letter he writes, "They will drink and drive out of their defined space, into our backyards, destroying our land, and maybe stealing what they want that we have not locked down." I do not participate in drinking and driving. I do not drive my ATV onto anyone's yard, and I certainly do not take that which does not belong to me. As for Hunsick's idea of the personal finances of Juneau ATV riders and his concern over land taxes, I can certainly guarantee him that there are riders who own homes, too.

I found Hunsick's letter to be arrogantly written, with poor judgment and a lack of respect for those of us who take pride in our sport as well as the land our sport takes place on.

In his closing paragraph, Hunsick writes, "Using this fuel and polluting our valley with fumes that fill only recreational needs. Are we not getting smarter than that about our environment and our need to be better stewards of our lands? Please, can we end this madness, this waste and this polluted, mindless use of resources for self-indulgent pleasures?"

My question is whether or not Hunsick owns a vehicle to drive himself and his family around. I would imagine that he takes a leisurely ride around town. Perhaps, he even takes the time to add to the pollution of our valleys by driving his family out the road to the beach on a warm sunny day.

Well, pardon me for climbing up on my soap box, but perhaps if he is that concerned, he should ride a bike.

See you on the road.

Stephanie Mooney


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